Professors in the Pub: The Duality of Humankind

Cafe des Taxis

Each month, come to Café des Taxis to have a drink (or two) and discuss important world events with professors and other subject-matter experts. Share your questions and views and join the long tradition of politics in the pub! 

This month:

From Socrates to Plato, Kant to Hegel, and Said to Bhabha, dualistic thinking has been both validated and vilified. Thinking in opposites is inherent in our species’ understanding of existence—from up to down, right to left, black to white, good to bad, Self and Other, etc.

We see binaries everywhere we look, both in the natural sciences and in the social sciences. But is this perception of reality accurate? Is it not perhaps an overly simplified way of making sense of a complex reality? If so, how might we move away from “binaristic” thinking and into something new?

Come discuss these questions and ask your own on November 16, 2023, at 6:30 pm in Cafe des Taxis.

The lead professor will be Rob Warren, SIRD Lecturer of Geopolitics and Post-Colonialism.