ONLINE: IFRS Global Rules and Local Use


Scholars, students, and the public at large, who wish to know more about bridging the gap between international accounting rules (IFRS) and local applications, are invited to share their knowledge and experience at this event organized by Anglo-American University and the Metropolitan University Prague October 8-9, 2020.

Issues that will be discussed include finance, accounting, and management.

With the current trend towards accounting harmonisation, the aim of this conference is to focus on specific accounting differences and what lies behind them as well as topics related to international trade. Topics should be researched both theoretically and practically, focussing on practices in emerging markets and transitional economies.

In the previous years, conference topics covered various aspects of IFRS implementation, traditionally looking at differences in implementations of IFRS in national contexts, CSR and Ethics, as well as new topics including Interdisciplinary Works, Integrated Reporting, Impression Management, Industrial Organization, and Non-financial Reporting.

More information can be found on the MUP conference web page here.