Intro to Curatorial Studies Presents: COSMOS

Grotta, Havlicek Gardens

A corona-free, open-air temporary exhibition where you will find a different artwork every day hidden (for just two hours) inside the caves of Grotta. Come find them and breathe some fresh air at the park.

Jan Matýsek, Loretta Lau, Kasper Lecnim, Veronika Přikrylová, Tomaš
Roubal, Irmina Rusicka, Stony Tellers

Curatorial Team: Anastasia Mazurenko, Yasmin Elmahadawi, Ella Pavel, Alexander Melnikov, Katerina Schell, Mary Palencar, Marketa Saskova, Valeria Marin-Buck, Maximilian Mansfeld, Ismail Hossam Anwar, Dayana Zhakenova, Sebastian Šole, Katerina Stehlikova, Kristina Pupavac

Coordinator: Piotr Sikora

He opened the door, we began to retreat… he shone the light straight into [her]
mouth… I felt a hammer… was connected to the nail driven into the wall. No matter. Let’s go. We closed the door.

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