How to Reduce Anxiety with Su Luo

Room 2.07

Step one: Breathe, breathe, and breathe…

Step two: Breathing correctly to calm your mind and body!

This seminar with AAU counselor, Su Luo, aims to provide you with a clear-cut theoretical background on breathing and how it influences our everyday life.

Firstly, we will first go through some basic anatomy and various biological responses related to poor breathing habits. Then we will see some modern research on breathing and its relation with various psychological disorders, especially anxiety and depression. Lastly, we will go through some simple techniques to feel and improve your breathing, including some short-term techniques to calm yourself down when you are stressed, and practices that you can do every day.

Following this seminar, you will have a comprehensive understanding of our breath system and its connections with both physical and psychological disorders. And with that, hope it will provide you with rationale and motivation to change your own breathing.