History & Philosophy Lecture Series with Jakub Drábik


AAU Library

The History & Philosophy Lecture Series aims to introduce the AAU community to different historians and philosophers; give space for historical and philosophical problems and questions to be discussed outside the classroom; and promote interest in history and philosophy among AAU students.

This event will take place on Tuesday, April 25, at 6 PM in the AAU Library.

Interwar Czech Fascism as a Cultural Phenomenon with Jakub Drábik

Although the past decade has seen a small boom in research into fascism in Central and Eastern Europe, this emerging interest has largely overlooked Czech fascism, which remains substantially under-researched. The National Fascist Community (Národní obec fašistická, NOF), established in March 1926 and led by Radola Gajda from January 1927, was the largest and only relevant fascist party in Czechoslovakia.

Yet, NOF was not simply a political movement; rather, it constituted a multifaceted social and cultural phenomenon that provided its adherents with a range of structures and experiences, uniting them and creating a distinct “subculture” that influenced the way these individuals lived and interpreted their experiences. Although the NOF exhibited no clear or precise cultural policy, as with other fascist movements, culture was indeed at the very center of the fascist project in Czechoslovakia.