From Japanese Dragons to Russian Oppositional Art: Final Curatorial Projects

Room 1.31

Two exhibitions—the final curatorial projects by visual arts students Anastasiia Martynenko and Aliya Bakisheva—will be held on May 9, 2024, from 6 p.m., in room 1.31.

POV: Russian Oppositional Art, a virtual exhibition curated by Martynenko, showcases the work of Russian artists based both in Russia and in exile throughout Europe. Through their provocative and daring art works, these artists express their dissent against the Russian government and the ongoing war in Ukraine. From protest posters to oppositional paintings, they challenge political authority and confront social injustices.

Eras of Dragons Throughout Japanese Art, curated by Bakisheva, explores dragons in Japanese art, where ancient legends intertwine with modern interpretations. This catalogue celebrates the richness of Japanese artistry and examines the origins of dragons in Japanese folklore and their portrayal through various artistic mediums across the centuries.