Exhibition: The Song of Mountains, Forest, and Sea

Foyer, Main Staircase, Room 2.05

This enchanting exhibition, The Song of Mountains, Forest, and Sea, takes place at the AAU Campus between June 1st -15th, 2022. Illustrations by Tomáš Řízek give an insight into the oral tradition of the Melanesian-Polynesian tribes and are intended for visitors of all ages, from the smallest to the oldest.

Taiwan, also known as Formosa, or Beautiful Island, is located in the Pacific Ocean near China’s Fujian Province, between the Philippines and Japan. Here it is washed by the warm sea current Kuroshio, which brings rich marine life to its shores. The mountainous island lying on the border of tropical and subtropical climates is not only home to a number of unique endemic species, but also to indigenous tribes of Melanesian-Polynesian origin, whose culture grows in close connection with the local nature. Clouded leopards, black-eared bears, or dreaded vipers, such as rhinoceros’ flatheads, walk through the stories of the original population. The tribes close their blood ties with them. Chiefs’ headbands, in turn, adorn the feathers of Mikado pheasants. The battles fought by the warriors are fought against the ruthless Suns or monsters that threaten the life of the tribe and can only be overcome with great effort.