Exhibition: Insight of Inspiration

Reunion Gallery

A work of art is worth nothing without inspiration

From the animals depicted on the walls of Lascaux to the Greek art carefully copied by Italian masters of the renaissance, the term inspiration is a flywheel in the creative process. Throughout centuries artists have been using the power of inspiration to refresh and upgrade the language of art with new metaphores and motifs. Today we are inviting you to observe this process in the work of Tadeaš Kotrba. A Czech painter that graduated from Prague academy of fine art (AVU) will be the key  point of our reflection through the process of making art and being inspired. From his own father  Marius Kotrba art to Renaissance art we will let you understand the path of inspiration and let you  make a reflection about the limits between inspiration and imitation.

Curated by Klara Mahoas.

The exhibition opening will take place at Reunion Gallery on February 1st at 7 PM. The project will be exhibiting February 2nd – 5th from 10 AM – 7 PM every day.