EU Energy Markets Panel

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Room 2.07. AAU Campus

We would like to invite everyone to our upcoming event titled EU energy markets: Are there any market failures out there to be fixed?

We are very excited to organize this event together with our partners IREFLiberální institut and Natland. Join us for an exciting discussion on the contemporary topic of the EU energy market and its condition, that will be held on the AAU campus on the 28th of March. The event will include a networking session with refreshments.

According to European politicians, the war in Ukraine is responsible for soaring gas prices in this last year. However, this may only present a partial explanation for this “perfect storm”.

Since price capping does not work on the world market, having a better understanding of the driving factors behind gas prices will help in figuring out how to better cope with the risk of increased prices in the future.

The “merit order system” (i.e. the price auction system) on the TTF spot market in Amsterdam has been repeatedly criticized as being responsible for soaring electricity prices’ during the summer 2022 and beyond.
A better understanding of the factors pushing up the price on the European electricity wholesale and retail markets might help us to better cope with the risk linked with the emergence of a synchronous grid in Continental Europe.

Patricia Commun – Keynote speaker

Patricia is a historian of Political Economy and a professor of German studies at Paris Cergy University, and the author of numerous books and papers on German Liberalism, and on the German industry today. She is also the Director of the Master programme of International Trade and Foreign Languages.

Gordan Pejic – Commentator

At General Electric, Gordan is the Director of GE Kosovo, as well as the Senior Sales Manager for GE wind turbines in Central/East Europe and CIS, and has 10+ years of experience in the energy sector.
He is involved in energy trading & markets, with a focus on the renewables sector of the energy mix. Gordan is an AAU 2012 alumnus of the Chapman MBA program, and holds a BSc in Business Administration from SUNY New Paltz.

Petr Bartoň – Commentator

Petr is the Chief Economist in Natland Investment Group. He evaluates the state of the economy, predicts its future paths, and applies this to a client’s situation at Natland, the media, or students at several universities where he teaches. Petr was educated at the universities of Cambridge and Chicago. His research focuses on regulation, game theory aspects of public choice, and cost-push inflation.