Czechoslovak New Film: Were the “golden 60s” really golden?

Room 2.07

Join us for a special guest lecture on the Czech New Film Wave presented by Ivana Doležalová, Czech film specialist, (NYU in Prague), and organized by Pavla Jonssonová, Ph.D., and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Interested in learning more about film history, diversity between cultural films, and more? Now’s your chance to learn from an expert in the field! Find out if the golden sixties were truly golden with Ivana on November 24 at 2:45 PM

About the Speaker:

Ivana Doležalová has worked as a researcher, interpreter and co-correspondent for Central European Office of The National Public Radio and The New York Times in Prague, as well as for various foreign media (BBC, Danish TV, ABS, PBS). She worked as a translator and moderator for Center of Independent Journalism in Prague, Czech Republic.
She has taught at NYU and Charles University in Prague (History Through Film, Central European Film, Czech Cinema and Culture). As a Fulbright scholar and later a visiting professor, Ivana taught media, film and literature at Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois and University of Washington, Seattle, US. University of Washington, Stanford and Harvard hosted her talks on film, history and feminism.
Ivana Doležalová translated works of Fay Weldon, Woody Allen, Susan Sontag, Erica Jong, and Sue Grafton.

This event will be of particular interest to students of Czech Film and Culture, all are welcome!