Cine Rhythm with Tony Ozuna

AAU Library

The AAU Film Club and Library are back in collaboration with the School of Humanities & Social Sciences to bring you a film series like no other! Four lecturers—two of them bassists, two of them DJs, all of them audiophiles—have been asked to fathom the deep vibes that drive them, choosing movies that pulsate with sonic pulchritude, movies that lift them from their seats and draw them onto the dancefloor, movies that move.

Like always, the choice of films is kept in the strictest confidence, and we ask you to come with a little faith and a lot of enthusiasm. Be ready to be surprised—and give yourself up to the infectious beats of these different drummers!

Join us for this final film in the series on Thursday, November, 2023, at 6:30 pm in the AAU Library. And come early to ensure you have a seat. Refreshments provided.