AAU Zooming Out with Nicholas Dungey, Ph.D.

Room 2.07

AAU’s Zooming Out lecture series creates space for shakers and makers from all sectors to step-back, assess the current state of affairs, and creatively think above the silos of day-to-day work.

In our very first AAU Zooming Out lecture, we look forward to hearing from Professor Nicholas Dungey about why we need a new paradigm of philosophy to overcome the global environmental, economic, social, and political crisis we face today. He will unpack how philosophy and crisis are existentially entangled, from the start of western civilization and the pursuit of Truth, to Modern Philosophy, and to the new way of thinking about human existence and our relationship to the planet we need today to survive the current crisis.

Join us on January 12, 2023, at 6 PM in Room 2.07 for this fascinating discussion.

About the Speaker:

Professor Dungey, Ph.D. is specialized in Political Philosophy. He has taught at AAU and is currently teaching at California State University, Northridge. Beyond academia, he has worked as a business consultant and is the founder of a revolutionary social good app, Reluvotion.