AAU Open Lectures: a Conversation with Author Helen Oyeyemi

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Room 2.07

Prague-based author Helen Oyeyemi will visit AAU on April 10, 2024, to discuss her new book Parasol Against the Axe with AAU lecturer Seth Rogoff. The conversation will take place at 4 pm, in room 2.07.

Oyeyemi’s ten books include Mr. Fox, What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours and Gingerbread. She is a recipient of the Somerset Maugham Award and PEN’s Open Book Award, and her novel Peaces was shortlisted for the Goldsmiths Prize.

Regarding Parasol, her most recent work, publisher Faber & Faber describes it thus:

“Oyeyemi treats you to a kaleidoscopic weekend in Prague, as dazzling as it is effortlessly unique. Get lost in the story like you would an unfamiliar city and let it reward you with moments of philosophical clarity, wheelbarrow rides, raw emotion and raw onions.

This novel is a holiday, an adventure, a marvel and a guide. It is a story about the lies behind the lies we tell and a city as a living thing, sustained by the lives of its inhabitants. Suffused with warmth and joy, Parasol Against the Axe is a love letter to Prague, and to the art of storytelling.”

This event is open to all.

Every fortnight (give or take) during the semester, AAU hosts a lecturer to come and shed light on current affairs, a global issue, or some otherwise fascinating topic. Speakers are chosen for their demonstrated knowledge and ability to provide the audience with stimulating and useful information. And these open lectures are just that: open. That means students, alumni, and the general public—anybody and everybody is welcome!

Photograph: Björn Steinz – Author Helen Oyeyemi