MgA. Daniel Vlček

Daniel graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2004. Daniel Vlček took a break from painting returning to it after a detour through freetechno and several music formations of diverse genres. His latest visual paraphrases of sound phenomena- whether they are painted on canvases, scratched into walls, or are in the form of audiovisual installations- include residues of the soiled psychedelia of techno aesthetics as well as allusions to modernist transcriptions of sound into image. Although he is primarily concerned with painting, his exhibitions are often supplemented by an auditory component in order to underline the essential connection to sound in his work. In his work, Daniel often references industry, authenticity, and such dichotomies as the invisible/ visible, digital/analog, and handmade/ machine-made. Daniel is a member of the art group Guma Guar and one-half of the avant-pop duo ba:zel. He also performs solo under the name Relaxcore.

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Sound art, painting, video art