Ebru Akcasu, Ph.D.

Ebru Akcasu is a lecturer in the School of International Relations and Diplomacy. She holds a Ph.D. in Near and Middle Eastern Studies (SOAS, University of London), an M.A. in the History of the Modern Middle East (SOAS, University of London) and in the History of Modern Europe (California State University, San Francisco) and a B.A. in History (California State University, San Jose). Much of her current research focuses on migration and national identity formation in the late Ottoman Empire. She joined the AAU in 2015 and advises B.A. and M.A. theses relevant to her field and offers courses that introduce students to the history of the Near and Middle East.


History of the Modern Middle East, Nationalism(s), Migration

Publications & Other Activities

  • Akcasu, A. Ebru. “Nation and Migration in Late Ottoman Spheres of (Legal) Belonging: a Comparative Look at Laws on Nationality.” Nationalities Papers (February 2021). DOI: 10.1017/nps.2020.79. 
  • Akcasu, A. Ebru.  “Şemsettin Sami’s Women: (Self-)Censored Reflections on Gender, Islam, and Progress – Ženy Şemsettina Samiho: (Auto) cenzurované úvahy o genderu, islámu a pokroku.” Nový Orient 74, (2019/3): 70-78.
  • Akcasu, A. Ebru. “Migrants to Citizens: An Evaluation of the Expansionist Features of Hamidian Ottomanism, 1876 – 1909.” Die Welt des Islams 56, 3/4 (2016): 388-414.
  • Akcasu, A. Ebru. “Letters to the Author: Late-Ottoman Debates About Equality Between the Sexes, an Extract from Halil Hamid’s Müsavat-ı Tamme.” SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research 9 (2015/16): 68-72.
  • Akcasu, A. Ebru, review of When the War Came Home: The Ottomans’ Great War and the Devastation of an Empire, by Yiğit Akın, Review of Middle East Studies (December 2019): 389-391.

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