Drake Dewey

Student Loans Counselor Admissions and Recruitment

Letenska 5,
Office 1.12


Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Drake graduated in 2021 from Arcadia University with a degree in Politics, Government, and Law with a concentration in International Relations. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree with the International Relations and Diplomacy School at AAU.

As Student Loans Counselor, Drake will help establish FAFSA at AAU working hard to have it up and running for our future students. He has past experience with FAFSA, using it during his bachelor studies in the US. This experience will be a huge plus in helping US students get federal aid at AAU. Once FAFSA is established and ready to be used, Drake will be the main contact point for students helping them with their FAFSA applications and eligibility. He can’t wait to help students so feel free to reach out if you have any questions about federal aid.