David Vaughan

David Vaughan is a freelance writer, broadcaster, journalist and university lecturer. 

His novel Slyšte můj hlas (2014) won the Czech Book Prize readers’ award in 2015. The book, which draws from real events, is set in Prague in the run-up to World War II. The author also adapted the story as a radio drama that was serialized by Czech Radio and released as a DVD.  The English version of the novel was published as Hear My Voice (2019) by Jantar Publishing in London.

His previous book Battle for the Airwaves (2008) is a study of the role of the media – and radio in particular – during the period of the “Munich Crisis” of September 1938.

As a broadcaster, David Vaughan has a long history of working with Czech Radio and the BBC.  For eight years he was editor-in-chief of Radio Prague, the international service of Czech Radio, and prior to that he was the Prague correspondent of the BBC, travelling widely in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.  He has won Czech and international awards for his work in radio journalism, documentary-making and radio drama in English and Czech. He directed the first English-language production in of Václav Havel’s only radio play Guardian Angel for Czech Radio (2004).  He is also the author of several documentary and drama-documentary podcasts for Czech Radio, most recently No Night So Dark (2021) which tells the story of a Czech Jewish family over 150 years. Their story was also the subject of an exhibition, which he wrote and curated for Prague’s Winternitz Villa in 2020. The exhibition has since been shown in Berlin and at the Czech Centre in Munich.

David Vaughan studied Modern Languages (Master of Arts, French and German) at Oxford University (Balliol College).

He is married with two grown-up children and lives in Prague. 

Courses Taught

History of Media, Radio Broadcasting, and Feature Writing.