Whatever you're into, there's a club for you! Follow the SC Facebook for upcoming events.


We are here to build community around the wonderful sport of basketball.
The basketball club is a fun place where we meet once or twice a week to play matches, H.O.R.S.E., tournaments, shoot outs, and other challenges. We are passionate about bringing the people of our school together.
Be part of something special – be a baller.



Have you always wanted to learn how to dance? Our dancing club “Azúcar” is opening doors for AAU’s students in-between classes and after school! Come and enjoy social dancing with us!



If you are interested in International Relations, would like to be a diplomat in the future, or are just looking to meet a group of people that aren’t afraid of having an intellectual conversation, come to one of our meetings and have a chance to talk about your interests in a non-classroom setting while making contacts that might come in useful in your future.



We are creating supportive and fun-filled learning environment that enables the development of football skills and where each participant strengthens their love of the game. We provide players with a positive experience which helps to practice proper skill development, team participation and fun!



The AAU Hiking Club provides an outlet for outdoor-minded people to meet & hike through day & overnight trips to CZ and Poland.


We want to create a space dedicated to Spanish Speaking people where we can celebrate our language, food, dances, literature, histories and politics. This space will welcome any hispanic-american cultural initiatives, and will provide unofficial Spanish language lessons. Being so far away from home we understand the need to maintain our cultural ties alive. We also welcome Brazilian and Portuguese students as we understand that they are highly important in European and American societies. However, the club will focus „en la lengua Castellana“.


The MUN is the perfect club for anyone who wants to discuss current international political issues, practice speaking in public, learn how to debate, get to know the UN and its institutions better, hang out with like-minded engaged people, or all of the above! Get in touch to see what we can offer to you!



AAU has team up with NIKE to create a running club and it's for everybody!

Rather you're a beginner looking for a new activity and to make friends or an advanced runner that wants to prep for races, we got you covered with professional Nike running trainers! Organized city, street, park, trail and even occasional bar/beer runs 2–3 times a week. 


Do you like nature and want to plant some seeds? In addition, change the environment of our campus and do something good for the planet? Then take a part in your club! The club is currently looking for an Interim President, because current president is on exchange and won't be back until the Spring semester.