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We are here to build a community around the wonderful sport of basketball. The basketball club is a fun place where we meet once or twice a week to play matches, H.O.R.S.E., tournaments, shoot outs, and other challenges. We are passionate about bringing the people of our school together.
Be part of something special – be a baller.


Students will be able to travel to countries which neighbor the Czech Republic, will have the opportunity to experience different cultures and practice their networking and public speaking skills. If you are interested in International Relations, would like to be a diplomat in the future, or are just looking to meet a group of people that aren’t afraid of having an intellectual conversation, come to one of our meetings and have a chance to talk about your interests in a non-classroom setting while making contacts that might come in useful in your future.


We are creating a supportive and fun-filled learning environment that enables the development of football skills and where each participant strengthens their love of the game. We provide players with a positive experience which helps to practice proper skill development, team participation and fun!


The “AAU Business Club” is a platform. where students can freely share their ideas and improve their communication skills. The club focuses on processes of starting a business and managing unexpected scenarios. Participants will be able to learn and understand the current business situation around the world by discussing recent news and events. By organizing various activities, the “AAU Business Club” wants to help students build and improve their networking, communication, presentation and interviewing skills!


AAU Rock Climbing Club aims to provide a safe and encouraging environment for students of all climbing experience levels to learn about, practice and enjoy the sport of rock climbing.

In the Alpine Club, we aim to give students who enjoy winter sports the opportunity to explore the outdoors around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We believe there's no better way to celebrate the coming of winter than by flying down a mountain surrounded by friends and skiers of all different skill levels. The club is about uniting people from all over the world to join in a sport that they all love, somewhere none have ever been before.


You are joining our circle. We will foregather, pour a glass of wine, and sit down looking towards the screen. You are now admiring the work of a man that could squeeze screams out of chocolate syrup. Now brace yourselves! Watch a true MASTER of suspense SO intense, that ALL are left defenseless as Hitchcock presents. We will be diving into the minds of genius directors to see all the little devils hiding in mind-blowing details. Next time, we will be talking about Kubrick and analyzing every frame made EXACTLY how he wanted to make it. Hearing "Do ANOTHER take and get it right” behind the camera that captured the same scene another 127 times! This is NOT just watching the movies, we are watching everything: lights, camera AND action.

The purpose of the club is to meet people who want to do yoga and go to nature parks and meditate together, clear our minds and calm ourselves every week or two weeks to be able to handle any obstacle, or stress we encounter.

With this club, I would like to create a safe space dedicated to well-being, physical and mental health. During the semester we will have different sessions, some will include the discussion of stress-triggers and how to deal with them, the importance of mindful nutrition, hydration, activities, rest etc some sessions will include move activities like collective hikes, trips, yoga, bike rides, rock climbing as well as more relaxing activities like yoga, picnics and movie screening.

AAU Martial Arts Club is for anyone interested in practicing martial arts whether you have experience or not. The club mainly works on stand up martial arts but practices grappling as well. Martial arts offers great benefits to your physical and mental health.
To discuss violence that stems from gender/sexual, religious, economic, and other types of bullying in communities. We will also discuss the varying types, physical to emotional. This club is meant for discussing situations in an open environment and share a common passion for this global public health problem to also find ways to contribute to solutions.