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Sendin Arnautovic

2016 Alumnus
BA Business Administration: Marketing and Communications

Since graduating from AAU, Sendin Arnautovic has joined one of the leading organizations in water sustainability- The Bluewater Group. In this short interview, he explains what it means to be part of Bluewater, his future plans, and what it means to be an Alumni.

Why did you choose AAU?
Coming from Luxembourg, I wanted a change of scenery and Prague looked like an appealing option due to the lovely architecture and amazing student life.

Who, or what class was most impactful for you and why?
I wouldn’t say that there was any influence from faculty members or classes but I’d say that I met some long-lasting friends who had some kind of influence on me:
Alex Kim: Always encouraged me to unleash my creativity and to be myself.
Diana Olina: Taught me to look at the bigger picture.
Mohamad Al-Hakimi: Taught me to be thankful. 

What does it mean to you to be an AAU Alumni?
Being an alumni means being a leader and giving hope to the students who are going to graduate or even thinking of enrolling in a program. It’s cool to see what the other alumni have accomplished (as I studied with some of them) and it should give students aspiration.

What is your current job?
I work as a Marketing Specialist at our HQ in Stockholm, Sweden. I create the campaigns and content that get released worldwide, manage content creators, manage partnerships with company’s…etc. In short, I work with making Bluewater stay light years ahead of the competition.

What is the Bluewater Group and why did you choose to work with them?
Bluewater is a sustainability company for profit within the water industry. We live by two missions; pure water should be accessible to everyone and eliminating the use of single-use plastic. I chose to work for them simply because I felt like their mission aligned with making a change, something I strive for on a daily basis. On another note, it’s not such a corporate environment as we’re a small company so keeping that in mind – we’re sort of like a small family which is always fun.

What does “sustainability” mean to you as part of the Bluewater Group?
Simply put, sustainability for me is making a positive impact and/or smart choices in your day to day life to maintain ecological balance.

What were some of the biggest learning curves you had to overcome in your career?
You’ll never get it right the first time and you can’t please everyone. I think these two aspects are crucial to understand, especially when you work in a creative field or you’re just getting your feet wet for the first time.

What is next for you as a part of the Bluewater Group?
I’m currently working on so many cool projects for Bluewater that I think it’s a bit hard to predict “what’s next”. I can’t reveal too much but I can tell you that we’re growing at a very fast pace. 

How do you practice sustainability in your daily life?
Having a water purification system installed in my house, using my Bluewater re-usable bottle every day, buying sustainable fashion, swapping my plastic toothbrush for something eco-friendly …etc.

What is your biggest accomplishment to date?
Understanding that in order to be happy, you can’t please everyone. Sometimes in life, you need to pull the trigger on opportunities/ideas that you think are right in comparison to what everyone else thinks.