John H. Carey II School of Law

Anglo-American University’s law programs emphasize the fundamentals of Civil law and Anglo-American law based on common law principles. This is more than simply an interesting pedagogical exercise; it is a very practical approach to the study of law in Europe today, where a partial blending of the two systems is currently taking place and an understanding of both the common law and the civil law is increasingly important. International business, in particular, requires an understanding of both systems of law, as does European Union law.

The John H. Carey II School of Law (SOL) provides the knowledge, skills, and analytical ability to enter the legal job market immediately as productive professionals. Furthermore, graduates possess a solid and active legal understanding on which they can build through graduate studies ready to participate in the work force as full-fledged lawyers or executives in other fields.

Anglo-American University has been granted Registered Centre status within the University of London’s Teaching Institution Recognition Framework. The progression to Registered Centre status is a formal recognition of the integrity of the institution and the quality of instruction offered at AAU. With Registered Centre status AAU is now able to verify documents for those students interested in applying to either of the University of London laws programmes.