School of International Relations And Diplomacy

The School of International Relations and Diplomacy (IRD) is the fastest growing school at Anglo-American University. It offers accredited bachelor’s and master’s programs designed to enable graduates with a strong interdisciplinary understanding of theory and practice in the dynamic fields of international relations and diplomacy. Students enrolled in the School of IRD benefit from Anglo-American’s unique intercultural community of faculty and students.

The Bachelor of Arts in International Relations program is a three-year program that builds knowledge of concepts and historical context for world cultures and global issues. The curriculum takes students through world political, social, ideological and economic histories. Students acquire the ability to examine and participate in the international and intercultural challenges of our time, such as global inequalities, economic dependency, religion, conflict, environmental security, globalization and the evolving roles of organizations like NATO, European Union and United Nations.

The Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy builds on theory and conceptual knowledge of world affairs with emphasis on trained application. Graduate students cultivate their skills in diplomatic practice and are able to deploy knowledge in international law, economy, conflict, and complex cultural backgrounds in preparation for work in government or non-government organizations, diplomacy, think tanks and academic institutions, as well as international and supranational business organizations.