Whatever you're into, there's a club for you!


obrázek Basketball Club (basketball.club@aauni.edu)
Bring your skills to the court and support AAU as we take on the local competition.


obrázek Board Games Club (boardgames.club@aauni.edu)
Put down the smartphone, step away from the laptop, and lose yourself in some old-school fun.


obrázek Chess Club (chess.club@aauni.edu)
Whether you are a beginner or a grand master, AAU's chess club experts will have something to teach you about the game of games.


obrázek Cooking Club (cooking.club@aauni.edu)
Tired of eating survival food? Want to impress your friends by cooking something with more than two ingredients? Then embrace your culinary curiosity at the AAU cooking club.


obrázek Climbing & Bouldering Club (climbing.club@aauni.edu)
Want to release your inner-monkey and burn more calories than in any other sport? Want to learn words like: Ape index, crimp, finger pocket, knuckle dragger, jug, pinch, splitter and whipper? Then join us and take on one of the toughest physical activities there is.


obrázek CR$IN (crin.club@aauni.edu)
Dive into the world of media with us! Whether you are keen on newspapers, magazines, TV, news media, pubic relations or advertising – The CReative INdustries Club is the choice for you!


obrázek Dance Club (dance.club@aauni.edu)
From salsa and swing to break and hip hop, the AAU dance club will get you moving in ways you never imagined.


obrázek Diplomatic Club (diplomatic.club@aauni.edu)
Are you a good listener? Do you have a good memory? Do the ins and outs of international and domestic politics stir your passions? Our diplomatic club might be just the place for you.


obrázek Film Club (film.club@aauni.edu)
Expose yourself to a world of film with AAU’s knowledgeable cinephiles. Join us every two weeks in the library for lecturer and student film screenings on a variety of topics; from love and crime to sci-fi and documentary.


obrázek Football Club (football.club@aauni.edu)
They don’t call it the beautiful game for nothing. Our team at AAU is completely international and brings together a world of talent. If you think you’ve got what it takes, come along for a training session.


obrázek Program Board (pb.club@aauni.edu)
The AAU Program Board is a student-run organization dedicated to providing affordable quality entertainment and special events for the entire AAU community. By communicating with event organizers and via funds from the Student Council, we try to make events around Prague affordable and also simultaneously strengthen AAU as a community.


obrázek Yoga Club (yoga.club@aauni.edu)
Yoga is a great way to meet people, stay healthy and get in touch with your spiritual side. Come with your friends or just by yourself, and get bendy!