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It is possible to study at AAU as a degree seeking student, as a short-term visiting student, or as an auditing student taking a specific course not for academic credit.

Degree seeking students can enter AAU as freshman if they obtained no academic credits at a college/university level prior to their application to AAU or if they did obtain such credits yet do not want to or cannot have them transferred to AAU. Students with transferable credits enter AAU as transferring students.

Short-term visiting students coming from AAU’s partner universities are called either Erasmus exchange students if they applied from a university with which AAU has an Erasmus+ agreement or university exchange students if their home university cooperates with AAU on a different type of bilateral agreement. Exchange students are the only group exempt from AAU’s tuition and the application fee.

Short-term visiting students who come from non-partner colleges/universities are called study abroad students.

Auditing students are those who take specific courses for their self-enrichment without the benefit of a grade and academic credits.

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