Mgr. Zita Lara, M.B.A.

Marketing Director

Zita holds a masters degree from the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University in Prague. She supported her work experience by completing an annual study of the management of NGO´s and recently earning her MBA degree focused on management and marketing.

She has experience in many different professional areas such as sales, marketing, HR, event management and even office management. For almost 15 years she has managed various projects focusing on brand support, the increase of incomes, acquisition of new clients, and expanding services to new markets. She has always enjoyed working for organizations focused on education because she believes that the area of personal or career development brings a sense of happiness to people.

As the marketing director at AAU, she works with a small team of specialists to create AAU's overall presence focused on attracting prospective students using various channels and tools. Together with her team, she supports internal and external communication to build brand awareness and gain new AAU enthusiasts and community members.

In her spare time, you can find Zita gardening, biking or walking her dog. She also enjoys traveling, architecture, history and learning about new cultures.