Hands-on is minds-on. Collaborating with researchers and working professionals is a win-win deal. Student projects allow AAU students to utilize knowledge only experts in the field can offer. Likewise, companies receive support and insight from our students and faculty.

Spring 2018 has been another busy semester for 120 students from five marketing courses. For months they have worked closely with international organizations, companies and businesses, developing from market research, crowdfunding campaigns for them. Here are the winning projects. Congratulations to all!

Strategic Marketing Analysis and Planning

Instructor: Dan Ravick Fiala

Client: UNICEF Czech Republic

Mission: To build a crowdfunding campaign that would engage the AAU Community in contributions to UNICEF programs. Two projects were chosen as winners and will be implemented by UNICEF and AAU in the Fall semester 2018.

Project winners:

  • Leila Asanbekova

  • Polina Nozdrina

  • Valentyna Mykulenko

  • Dmitrii Sergeevich Shpakov

  • Revekka Babickaja

  • Oralkhan Yermek

  • Anastasia Voloshina

  • Natalia Rozdiestwienskaja

  • Savelli Rylkov

Marketing Communications

Instructor: Alena Foustková

Client: Budimlija Resort

Mission: To conduct market research for a hotel resort managed by AAU Alumnus Filip Vucetic. The hotel resort is interested in attracting customers from more European markets.

Project winners:

  • Kelsey Henjes

  • Melanie Messinger

  • Leon Liberman

  • Hillary Schier

Brand Management

Instructor: Sylvia Vondráčková

Client: MyCuisine

Mission: To develop a brand campaign for a progressive startup with gourmet food. Students also had the opportunity to taste some of the delicious food supplied by the company.

Project winners:

  • Lauren Garay

  • Taylor Gilliatt

  • Aleksandra Kosolapova

  • Clara Sullivan

  • Steven Wilson

International Marketing

Instructor: Dan Ravick Fiala

Client: Expando

Mission: To perform a market potential analysis on several European countries for Expando, a company that assists companies in selling goods online globally.

Project winners:

  • Andrey Karpov

  • Savelii Rylkov

Marketing Communications

Instructor: Sylvia Vondráčková

Client: Únětický pivovar

Mission: To develop a marketing plan for the well-known brewery Únětický pivovar in an attempt to export its beer to other European countries.

Project winners:

  • Lauren Mayo

  • Chau Nguyen

  • Bryce Kiefer

  • Madeline Demeter

  • Maja Gryglewska

  • Sophie Moreau

For more information regarding our student projects, student consulting and research opportunities, check out the AAU Research Center website.

Publication date: June 22, 2018