Globalization and digitization are making exponential changes to all aspects of society, particularly the labor force, which leaves us with a very important question: "what kind of grads will the future need?".

Our multidisciplinary panel will discuss the evolution of the job market, factors that are driving this change, and what kind of skills will be needed in the future to kick off this year's AAU Career Expo 2019.
The event is open to AAU and all interested members of the public.

Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský 

Head of Analysis, Communication & Relations at LMC /

Lukas Macenauer 

AAU Alumnus | Co-founder & Customer Engagement at Behavera

Gabriele Meissner 

Senior Lecturer for AAU School of Business Administration


• Eva Rivera 

Vice-President for Communication and Development at Anglo-American University