Visual Arts student Jonne Vaisanen will have his solo art exhibition for completion of the BA program on Feb. 15th and 16th at INI Project.

His panoramic exhibition of photos is entitled “The truth is not out there.”

“The presented images foundationally examine photography’s ability to mechanically replicate reality and the impact it has towards our vague understanding of the ‘real’. Photograph’s expressive value as a replica is dominantly dependent of language, which gives it a certain meaning by re-describing or re-contextualizing the uncanny imaginary. 

The concept of real goes hand in hand with the concept of truth, which Nietzsche once described as a ‘mobile army of metaphors’. Following more contemporary pragmatic ideas; language can never reach objective harmony with nature, because it does not offer us a language to speak. Language being the major variable which we use to describe the real fails, because nature was there before us—however, re-description is necessary if we are willing to develop our understanding of the truth. History shows us that we seemingly are, but we also falsely tend to acquiesce to certain metaphors and religiously treat them like the truth. The photographic cycle connects simple abstraction and snapshot aesthetics. Abstraction dismisses photography’s truth claim by constructing the images out of cut-outs of the real and therefore allows us to create new connections between the photographed matters. 

Snapshot aesthetics, likewise poetry, is perfectly aware of its imperfect and contingent qualities—it does not just reproduce the timeless nature, but welcomes ‘alien’, unpredictable qualities to the composition and perhaps inspires to expand the ways we describe the replicated real. “

– Jonne Vaisanen