Through a system of shared governance, Anglo-American University’s administrative bodies are structured to assure optimal institutional performance in the pursuit of administrative and academic excellence.






Doc. Ing. Lubomír Lízal, Ph.D.

The President of AAU oversees all responsibilities of operations and academia. 


Words of Welcome

Let me first express my excitement and pleasure to welcome you to Anglo-American University (AAU). AAU has become a renowned institution providing top-quality programs of study for more than a quarter century in the areas of business, humanities, journalism, communications, international relations, and law. AAU is proud of its accreditation that endorses the quality of its education, especially the most recent accreditation from the WASC Senior College and University Commission in the United States of America.

With common law studies provided under the umbrella of the University of London and our MBA program in cooperation with Chapman University in California, USA our partnerships are yet another highlight of the stellar education students receive at AAU.

But we would not be an excellent university without our students that come from more than 70 countries all over the world. Students are, and always were, our biggest point of pride and living evidence of the program quality at AAU. We remain dedicated to cultivating their abilities in critical thinking, effective communication, and responsible action to ensure success in their future professions and careers. This is key to our success. This is why our lecturers provide learning in English, the lingua franca of today and an essential tool for flourishing in a global environment that alumni should be equipped with.

Please feel free to look through our website and/or pay us a personal visit. We hope to see you soon.

President Emeritus



Assoc. Prof. Alan Krautstengl, Ph.D.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to North America

Alan Krautstengl, former AAU President from 2005 – 2016, has impressive professional experience in academia (including distinguished scholarly work and top academic management), business, and industry in the U.S. and Europe. Under his presidency the university experienced significant growth both in terms of degree-seeking and study abroad students. Its financial standing was significantly fortified, graduate programs were introduced, and the University also began undertaking fundraising activities and developing cooperation with its alumni. Great achievements were that of the relocation of the campus to current magnificent Thurn-Taxis Palace as well as the acquisition of the world class WSCUC accreditation.



Petr Jan Pajas, MSc.

Petr Jan Pajas, former AAU President from January 2017 – August 2018, was involved with Anglo-American University since 1998, when he took part in transforming AAU into a not-for-profit organization. He was a member of the Board of Trustees already from 2000–2003 and became its chairman in 2014. He later served as the Vice President for the university’s administrative affairs. As AAU President, he made changes to the structure of upper management, started processes leading to renewal of Czech accreditation required by the amended Act on Higher Education, and reformulated the school’s teaching and research strategies.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is, represented by some of the brightest minds in education, administration, and governance in the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. Their continued guidance has helped place AAU amongst the top institutions of its kind in Europe.

The members of the Board of Trustees of Anglo-American University are: 


doc. Ing. Jiří Schwarz, CSc.obrázek

Jiří Schwarz, a Board of Trustees member since 2016, is an economist by profession, having received his doctorate at the University of Economics in Prague. Jiří currently serves as director of CETA (the Center for Economic and Market Analyses). He is an active educator, having served as dean at his alma mater, and is also a business professional and founder of Liberální Institut, the first independent Czechoslovak think tank. Jiří was appointed member of the National Economic Council (NERV) where he gave economic advice to Prime Ministers (2009–13). He has been prominently involved with a number of Czech and international companies and organizations including L’Institut de Recherches Economiques et Fiscales (IREF) where he has served as a board member for over 10 years. In addition, Jiří has authored two books: In Plea for a Liberal Order (2003) and In Plea for a Real Transition (2004).


obrázek Ing. Věra Babišová

Věra Babišová, a Board of Trustees member since 2018, is an experienced businesswoman focusing on development of solutions for novel business approaches, mostly connected with new technologies. Her company A-Giga s.r.o. operates in the field of BPO (Business process outsourcing) and is a business partner of several multi-national companies in the field of telecommunications, banking and power industry. Věra holds a degree from the University of Economics in Prague and is an active member of the Czech Association of Direct Marketing ADMEZ. She is also involved in social activities and is particularly interested in the topic of employability of socially disadvantaged people. As a recognition of her achievements, Věra was nominated for the Czech Business Women Award in 2014 and 2016.


Ing. Andrej BarčákIng. Andrej Barčák

Andrej Barčák has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 2005 and is an alumnus of Anglo-American University.
He completed his undergraduate studies at AAU in Business Administration and continued to the University of Surrey in England to receive a Master’s degree in Marketing Management. Currently, Andrej works as the Marketing & RND Director at Opel Southeast Europe LLC and has previously held positions at A. Charouz Motors and M Motors CZ. 



CharaMgr. Petr Chára

Petr Chára, a Board of Trustees member since 2016, is the Deputy Headmaster at Open Gate School, a prestigious International Baccalaureate boarding school. As an educator, tutor, manager and teacher, he has actively participated in many workshops, conferences and forums all over the world and has visited many foreign institutions and campuses of all levels over a course of more than 20 years. He is a fellow of the Marshall Memorial Fellowship; a leadership development program of the German Marshall Fund of the U.S. Petr has been advising and counselling high school graduates in facilitating their choices for their future educational path, and has experience in student mobility in higher education worldwide. He holds his Master’s degree in Mathematics and Geography from Charles University and is a certified tutor in IB Economics, IB Business and Management, and IB Geography and is a team leader of IB Economics examiners.


DurdaMelissa Durda

Melissa Durda, a Board of Trustees member since 2017, is the Director of the Global Philanthropists Circle (GPC) at Synergos, a global nonprofit organization that brings people together to solve complex problems of poverty and create opportunities for individuals and their communities to thrive. She supports highly engaged philanthropic families from Europe and the Middle East so they may increase their effectiveness and impact towards a more just, equitable and sustainable world. Melissa previously created and managed a philanthropy program at Vaclav Havel’s Forum 2000 Foundation. In this role she worked with private philanthropists promoting human rights, civil society, and democracy. Melissa’s nonprofit project management experience spans a variety of fields (education, children, nutrition, advocacy, emergency response, water, media) and she has worked on projects in the Czech Republic, Africa, Asia, and the United States. She holds a MSc. in European Political Economy: Transition from the London School of Economics and a BA in International Relations from the University of Virginia.


Ing. Monika Kavanová, Ph.D.obrázek

 Monika Kavanová, a Board of Trustees member since 2016, is an internationally experienced business professional with extensive experience in sales and marketing. She is certified by Iowe U, Barrett Values Center, and Think on Your Feet. Currently a Partner at OslovMe, Monika has an educational background in informatics and economics and has held prominent positions at both public and large multinational corporations such as Oracle, Microsoft andSAP.Additionally, she has run Sales2Win, a consultancy firm. Monika has also served on the AAU School of Business Administration Advisory Board since 2015 and lectures at both the Czech Technical University and the Czech University of Economics, where she completed her studies. Monika's experience also spans previous service as a board member of non-profit organizations like Internet pro všední den (InternetforEvery Day) and FoundationAuxiliaas well as the development of several non-profit projects focused on education.  


obrázek PhDr. Miroslava Kopicová

Miroslava Kopicová, a Board of Trustees member since 2016, is the Director of the National Training Fund with extensive experience in human resources development, having cooperated with the EC in this area since 1994. She has twice served as the Minister of Education,Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and she chaired relevant Council of the EU meetings during the Czech Presidency of this organ. Her background also includes negotiating EU structural funds for the Czech Republic as well as chairing the SFIC on the EU level, serving as Deputy Chairperson of the RVVI, and cooperating with a range of international organizations. Miroslava also serves as a board member for several universities in the Czech Republic.


KwasiborskiMatthew Kwasiborski

Matthew Kwasiborski, a member of the Board of Trustees since 2016, earned a bachelor’s degree in history at Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana and a master’s degree in executive leadership from the Thierry Graduate School of Leadership in Belgium. He has been the Director of European Institutes at The Fund for American Studies since 2005. Matt has worked with over a thousand students, alumni, faculty and staff representing over 50 countries. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the international Association of Free Ukraine in Kyiv, Ukraine. Matt has also served as vice president and treasurer of the Board of Advisors for the Center ofInternational Media Ethics. In August, 2016, he established the Lviv Leadership Academy, AILTE, an organization that teaches leadership skills for students, NGOs and businesses. 


Jan Oravec

PhDr. Ján Oravec, CSc.

Ján Oravec, a Board of Trustees member since 2017, also holds membership in a number of governing bodies of several universities. He is the President of The Entrepreneurs Association of Slovakia, the first Slovakian organization of private businesses founded after 1989. Ján is also a member of the Presidium of the National Union of Employers. As Chairman of its European Affairs and Foreign Relations Committee, he represents Slovak employers in international organizations of employers, BusinessEurope in Brussels, BIAC at OECD, and in IOE at the International Labour Office in Geneva. He is a founding member of The F. A. Hayek Foundation as well as its long term President (1992 – 2013). In 1997 he established The Slovak Taxpayers Association and in 1999– 2002 he worked as Chief of Strategy at the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. Ján graduated in 1987 from Commenius University in Bratislava (Philosophy – Political Economy), The Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia in 1994 (Business Administration), and Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in 1995 (Bank Management). In 1996 he received his Ph.D. in economics at the Institute of Slovak and World Economy in Bratislava. He started his professional career at the Institute of Economics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in 1987. Ján has his own business in consulting, focusing on regulatory impact assessments, sectoral analysis, macroeconomic analysis, economic outlooks, etc. He writes articles, gives lectures, TV interviews, and public speeches on various topics. Ján lives in Bratislava and is married with two children. 


Doc. Ing. Štěpán Müller, CSc., MBADoc. Ing. Štěpán Müller, CSc., MBA

Štěpán Müller, Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees and an external member of the Academic Council, was a board member at AAU already in 1995–2002 and is so again as of 2014. At present, Štěpán is the Dean of the School of International Relations at the University of Economics in Prague where he has also previously served as President. He is also a member of the Czech section of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. In the past, Štěpán has held a number of positions in academia and finance. Štěpán holds an MBA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


SoukupMgr. Daniel Soukup, MBA

Daniel Soukup, a Board of Trustees member since 2016, is the founder of Roubicek Invest, a business consulting company that helps hospitals, clinics, and private practices improve their business performance. In the past he worked for more than ten years in the financial sector. Daniel also dedicates his time to improving life in Africa (Tanzania and Kenya), where he supports solving problems with healthcare and energy supply. He is an alumnus of Anglo-American University where he obtained a BA in Business Administration. He also holds a Master's degree in law from Charles University and a Master in Business Administration from the Rochester Institute of Technology.



The Inspector is responsible for overseeing the operations of AAU and the Board of Trustees and is also directly responsible for the institutional direction of AAU. Through extensive communication with AAU’s other governing bodies, it assures the institution’s progression is forward-looking and enduring.

The Inspector of Anglo-American University is:


Richard Trojan

Richard Trojan began his career in 2004 as an associate with Zukerberg Legal in Washington, D.C. focusing on civil litigation.  From 2005 until 2007, Richard worked as an associate at White & Case LLP focusing on corporate law, cross-border transactions and collective investment vehicles.  In 2007 Richard joined ISES (Marcol Group), a Luxembourg-based private equity fund where he served as head of legal and acquisitions.  Currently, he is a partner of Clay Capital, private equity investment company based in Prague.  Richard also served as counsel and advisor for several private as well as institutional investors in structuring and investment allocation. 

Richard received his law degree from the Charles University in Prague in 2003. He also holds an LLM degree from the University of Virginia School of Law and an MBA from Macquarie University in Sydney. As part of his curriculum, Richard also attended the University of Leuven School of Law and the Fisher School of Business.



AAU Founders

Determined to create a unique and productive learning environment, our founders stand as a testament to AAU’s humble beginnings. Their vision has continued to raise academic standards and challenge the established state-educational institutions in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

AAU's Founders are:

  • Jansen Raichl
  • Dr. Lenka Deverová
  • Richard Smith, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Michaela Proskočilová
  • Martin Kúšik

Academic Council


Lubomír Lízal, Ph.D.
Ex Officio Members (Vice-Presidents):
Miroslav Svoboda, Ph.D.
David Lipka, Ph.D.
Peter Bolcha, Ph.D. 
Katarína Stehlíková, Ph.D.
Věra Převrátilová 
Ex Officio Members (Deans of Schools):
Tony Ozuna, M.A.  
doc. Irena Jindřichovská, CSc.
Daniela Lenčéš Chalániová, Ph.D.  
Carollann Braum, J.D.  
Faculty Senate Representatives:
Christopher Shallow, M.Sc.
Student Council Representatives:
Simona Chmelíková
External Members:
doc. Ing. Jana Přikrylová, Ph.D.
PhDr. Petr Suchý, Ph.D.
Jose B. Alvarez, Ph.D. 


Governance Documents

University Statute 

Academic Codex 

President's Directives – No.1, No.2

AAU Strategic Plan 

AAU Statute












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