We cordially invite you to an exhibition and concert on June 29th, Thursday at AAU.

The Wondrous Heads Exhibition

Exhibition of recent paintings by Richard Willenbrink, who is a faculty member of AAU's Visual Art Studies program.

"The Wondrous Heads (Bozzetti) is a presentation of seven paintings from a larger series of paintings of the same name.

They are figurative paintings employing dense still-life elements, composition and color.

The imagery connecting the paintings are disembodied heads, which represent a poetic or spiritual apparition presented to the figures in the paintings as well as to the viewer.

As bozzetti these works have the quality of initial studies or preparations for much larger subsequent works." (Richard Willenbrink)

The opening of the exhibit is at 17:00. This is a „pop-up“ exhibition for one night only, curated by Karolina Dolanska, and it is a prelude to the End of Summer of Love anniversary activities of SOH-SS.

On the same evening, at 19:00, you are also invited to a unique sound performance in an adjacent room to the „The Wondrous Heads“ exhibit.

Concert/performance by Lenka Moravkova

For the concert/performance by Lenka Moravkova, she'll be playing her Bohemian Cristal Instrument, which is a custom designed large vertical and colored „Cristal Baschet“ instrument, made in the Czech Republic. Lenka has been performing most recently with this instrument across Southern California, since she is currently studying at the University of California at Riverside, pursuing her doctoral degree in Digital Composition and Ethnomusicology. In February, she performed at the newly opened and most prestigious Broad Museum of contemporary art in Los Angeles.

Lenka has shipped her instrument back to the Czech Republic for only a few performances, including the Colours of Ostrava Festival. This will be her first performance in Prague on the Bohemian Cristal Instrument.

You can see Lenka Moravkova performing on a TEDx talk at UCR here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHIfcFQLgFw

These two events (art exhibit of works by R. Willenbrink) and the concert/performance (Lenka Moravkova's Bohemian Cristal Instrument) are merged with the intention to create one unforgettable evening…

The festivities commence and will culminate in an informal gathering with drinks, snacks and music by „Davy & Iggy“ in the Art YARD/Café des Taxis / Klub Altstadt –Letenska 5, Mala Strana.