It is an utmost priority that all members of the AAU Community feel that AAU is a safe and pleasant learning environment.

Over the past semester, AAU faculty, staff and students have started to prepare a new working group to improve the university's harassment and sexual misconduct policy and procedure. It has always been the intention during this preparation to include all interested parties.  AAU is therefore calling upon all AAU students, alumni, staff and faculty to be part of the Task Force for Harassment Prevention, Response and Solutions to collectively review all aspects of AAU’s harassment and sexual misconduct policy and procedures and then to design and implement any necessary changes to ensure that our community is fully up to the highest standards.

The Chair of the Task Force is Carollann Braum, Dean of the John H. Carey School of Law. Four other representatives, as well as advisors, are currently being assembled. Anyone in the AAU community will be able and encouraged to join this Task Force as an ad hoc advisor at any time.  The work and the meetings of the Task Force will be published and open to all.

This Task Force will be a safe platform for students, alumni, staff and faculty to voice their concerns, and to act as advisers regarding the following objectives:  

  1. Establish a support system for harassment victims which encourages them to report, and to support them through all stages of the reporting and investigation, as well as to strive to connect them with available services as needed.
  2. Identify the gaps and barriers in AAU’s current harassment and sexual misconduct policy and procedures by comprehensively evaluating current international standards, best practices and laws.
  3. Develop more comprehensive harassment and sexual misconduct policies and procedures which are more accessible, based on the evaluation undertaken above.
  4. Inform and educate students, staff, and faculty accordingly and regularly.  
  5. Ensure that the processes and procedures are as transparent as possible, while protecting confidential information of all parties involved.

The first Task Force meeting will be held once the semester has started and students and faculty are back to ensure inclusion of as many people as possible on September 10, 2018 at 18:00 in room 2.08.

Before then, students, alumni, staff and faculty are encouraged to reach out to [email protected] to provide suggestions and feedback on the implementation and mission of this Task Force so far, or to discuss issues related to harassment at AAU.  All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.  

AAU needs all your voices in order to improve and to be the place you want it to be.