Hands-on is minds-on. Student projects allow AAU students to utilize knowledge only experts in the field can offer. Likewise, companies receive support and insight from our students and faculty.

During last spring and summer semesters 47 students from three classes were working closely with international organizations, companies and businesses, developing from market research, crowdfunding campaigns for them. All student participants were successful in developing projects for their clients.



Instructors: Alena Foustkova and Scott Cohen

Clients: Y&R Prague and Viña Tarapaca

Mission: Creating a rebranding campaign to our participating client, Vina Tarapaca. The course set out to simulate a real advertising agency tender, groups of students competing for the winning campaign. The CEO of Vina Tarapaca in the Czech Republic was present for the final presentations, along with the actual agency team that services the Tarapaca account at VMLY&R Prague. To make the experience as real as possible, final presentations took at the Prague offices of Young & Rubicam.



Instructor: Alena Foustková

Client: Probační a Mediační Služba (PMS)

Mission: Creating a promotional campaign for Yellow Ribbon Run, to attract runners to register and/or attract fans of the project to support and spread the key idea. The task was to develop a marketing strategy and communication for YRR 2019, which could be used by the client to promote it on social media. After familiarizing themselves with the project background, students made recommendations for creative communication, developed creative ideas and presented their findings to the client.



Instructor: Mark Wiedorn

Client: The Miners

Mission: Creating a marketing plan for The Miners, a new specialty coffee company and coffee house in Prague 3. The reports were focused on how to improve The Miners' digital marketing efforts and also discussed how to utilize both digital and traditional marketing together to craft a strong marketing synergy. A presentation to top management and a multi-page report were the deliverables.

The topics for projects that students were working on:

1. Digital marketing – critical analysis and proposal for improvement with 3 main goals in mind: how to attract a new audience, how to retain the current audience, and how to engage people.

2. Customer Experience: Improvement of physical and digital experience at The Miners. 

3. Entrepreneurship: Assessment of financial data and projections for the company's growth.

Publication date: September 30, 2019