The Student Council is a group of students elected through university-wide elections as representatives of the student body. We are committed to improving the environment of the Anglo-American University, both academically and non-academically.

The Student Council (SC) is an autonomous body within AAU which represents students’ interests in developing strategy, policies, and programs of the university. In short, the SC represents and amplifies the student voice.

Specifically, members of the SC:

  • secure student representation in university governance. That means, the SC is a voice for students; 
  • initiate, coordinate, support and guide student efforts, activities and initiatives aimed at improving student life. 
  • organize and supervise various student activities including AAU clubs;
  • organize various student activities such as Spirit Week, Annual Ball, Awards Ceremony, trips around the Czech Republic and also abroad;
  • keep the students informed of relevant issues that affect their studies and status at AAU;
  • maintain effective communication and relations within AAU (serving as mediators between the students, the faculty and the school administration) and with the external communities;
  • provide opportunities to develop student leadership qualities;
  • ensure fair and democratic operations of this body;
  • promote integrity and ethical behavior within the AAU community;
  • help new students adjust to the student environment. 

Current members of the Student Council:

  • Benjamin Rutledge
  • Stefan Fiedler
  • Beksultan Kalbekov
  • Misha Iqbal
  • Noni Kikaleishvili
  • Joseph Petrila
  • Jovan Markovic
  • Mateja Zherajikj
  • Maia Larose
  • Oscar Scoppa

Who can run for office?

All students currently registered in a course of study as degree-seeking, study abroad, or exchange students who are in good standing with the University (a GPA above 2.0 is required;  above 2.5 highly encouraged).

For more information regarding the Student Council, visit: