Do you want to get involved in student government? This is your opportunity! Run for office in the upcoming September Student Council Elections.

About the Student Council  

The Student Council (SC) is an autonomous body within AAU which represents students’ interests in developing strategy, policies, and programs of the university. In short, the SC represents and amplifies the student voice.

Specifically, members of the SC:

  • secure student representation in university governance. That means, the SC is a voice for students; 
  • initiate, coordinate, support and guide student efforts, activities and initiatives aimed at improving student life. For example: the SC organizes and supervises various student activities including AAU clubs;
  • keep the students informed of relevant issues that affect their studies and status at AAU;
  • maintain effective communication and relations within AAU (serving as mediators between the students, the faculty and the school administration) and with the external communities;
  • provide opportunities to develop student leadership qualities;
  • ensure fair and democratic operations of this body;
  • promote integrity and ethical behavior within the AAU community;
  • help new students adjust to the student environment. 


Current members of the Student Council:

  • Karen Kanazawa – President
  • Simona Chmelíková – Vice President, Club Coordinator
  • Michael Said Kačarevič – Treasurer
  • Sofia Bukovskaya

Who can run for office?

All students currently registered in a course of study as a degree seeking, study abroad, or exchange student who are in good academic standing (GPA>2). This semester, students are going to elect 7 new members. The 3 members who joined SC in Spring will remain in office.

What should I do if I want to run?

If you want to run for office, you must register by filling out the Candidate Application Form by midnight on Friday, September 14th, 2018. Application form HERE. The elections will only take place online on September 18th and 19th.

For more information regarding the Student Council, visit:


Publication date: August 30, 2018