Stephani Shelton, B.A.

Lecturer, School of Journalism, Media and Visual Arts

Stephani Shelton is an award-winning U.S. broadcast/internet journalist and an experienced international journalism trainer. For nearly a decade she has been a lecturer at Anglo-American University, teaching a skills-based course in News Video Production and Editing. She is a graduate of Boston University. Stephani also freelances as a radio anchor and TV producer at CNBC – the international business news network. She spent ten years as a CBS News correspondent and many years working as a local TV reporter in New York City. As a workshop leader and trainer for the US State Department and various non profits she helped journalists in the former Czechoslovakia, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Poland transition to a free press. Stephani also owns a media production and consulting company with her video-editor husband which does work in both the US and the Czech Republic. She is on the board of the New York City Press Club, the primary organization for newspeople in the NYC area.


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