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Once in a Sociology class at AAU, we were doing an exercise called “The Privilege Walk.” Students stood in a single file line in a courtyard, while our professor read a list of social privileges and disadvantages to us. Each person took a step forward or a step backward based on how they identified with the statement.

“Please take one-step forward if one or both of your parents has a college degree.” The line broke. “Please take one-step back if you were raised in a single-parent household.” The physical gap between us widened. “Please take one-step back if you were ever ashamed or embarrassed by your clothes or house.” The line became chaos.

When it was over, we started to look around. Some had to turn back, while others had to squint to see the person in front. All of us were shocked to see how big the differences were among us. Yet the most important thing is that in the end of the exercise we went back to class and sat there together, all social differences forgotten.

This experience still makes me think about the diversity of people studying at AAU. That’s what defines our university. On a daily basis, we meet and mingle with men and women from drastically different social backgrounds, countries of origin and nationalities. Yet we not only set these differences aside in the process of communication, but we learn from them.

We made this issue to show the importance of diversity, and hope that you will celebrate it with us.

– Karina Verigina, Editor in Chief


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Publication date: June 23, 2017