Come and celebrate a brand new 3-part series of special events dedicated to AAU's one and only SOUND BRICKS radio!

Launching the festivities will be an evening dedicated to RADIO ECELECTICA: THE ECLECTIC ELECTRIC hosted by Anthony Marais, Rita Puhto and a team of creative souls who have reached deep into the darkest recesses of their imaginations to make the show what it is: weird.

Spinning out an inebriated mess of audio bric-à-brac from the 1920’s till now with an utter disregard for culture, language and ethnicity. Coming to you live from the heart of darkness, this is the eclectic electric—a sound brick thrown straight at the windows of civilization!

Integral to the party will be the eclectica team's plan to shamelessly exploit everyone present by knocking up a jerry-rigged studio in the cafe des taxis and making improvised live recordings to be used in future episodes. So come on down, bring a friend, and leave all sense of decency at the door!

WARNING: the multicultural, international, cosmopolitan element at AAU is already out of control, and we plan on indulging in our poly-ethnic panoply of languages and cultures even more! So, any grumpy xenophobes out there should better just stay at home!