The Institutions Panel of the Laws Programme Board has recommended that Anglo-American University’s recognition for the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law be renewed for 3 years.

This 3-year renewal by the University of London is a step up from the previously granted renewal of 2 years. The freshly approved certificate teaching status will take effect from September 1, 2019.

The granting of such a renewal was based on a rigorous application process that began in the Fall of 2018 and included an inspection by UofL representatives in February 2019.

While the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law, certHE, is held to the standards of the University of London those interested in enrolling in the program need not apply to the University of London; but rather submit their application directly to AAU.

The Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law, offered as a two year program by AAU, combines the first year of the LLB with locally designed law courses and general education. Students successfully completing this certificate are able to progress directly on to the second year of the LLB degree.

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Publication date: July 31, 2019