Bc. Romana Kavanova

Coordinator, School of Business Administration

A big part of the SBA Coordinator’s responsibilities is the Chapman MBA program. The coordinator assists students with admission to the program and supports them during studies until their graduation – especially student orientation, registration synchronization with Chapman University, academic notifications and study material. For promotional and academic purposes, the coordinator also plans and manages special MBA regular events at the campus.

The other part of the coordinator’s responsibilities is to assess academic compatibility of the courses and a possible transfer of credits for our new BA/MA students coming from other universities. The coordinator also helps to select appropriate transferable courses for our BA/MA students going abroad - for the Erasmus program or an exchange semester in our partner universities. The coordinator processes student evaluations of the courses and reviews syllabi in order to maintain a high quality of teaching.

The coordinator also assists with special projects as assigned - such as conferences, meetings with representatives of targeted organizations for the promotion of the SBA programs, etc.