Position of Research Within AAU's Vision and Mission

Anglo-American University is a teaching institution that values faculty research as an integral part of teaching and academic advancement of the University. Research has an important and irreplaceable position within its concepts and structure and is a key objective and necessary condition for successful development of AAU. The primary reasons are as follows:

  • to provide a high quality of education;
  • to satisfy  accreditation requirements;
  • to retain higher ranked academicians and promising young faculty;
  • to create  a culture of scholarship appreciation;
  • to position   AAU firmly as a respectable academic institution nationally and internationally;
  • to build  a reputation of  a research supporting institution.

Support of Research

Research is supported through various schemes and policies  such as bonuses, Scholar Travel Fund and other.

Research  represents one of  major areas  of responsibility of  Provost who is assisted and cooperates closely with the Deans and with the Research  and Publishing Committee which is an advisory body to the Provost.

Research and Publishing Committee

Advises the Provost on development of research strategy  and  research plan of AAU and on policies in support of research and publications and other research related agendas.

Members of committee  are: Daniela L. Chalániová ( Dean, SIRD), Eva Eckert (SH&SS), Irena Jindřichovská (SBA), Pelin Ayan Musil (SIRD), Jiří Kašný (SH&SS/SL).

Profiling Research Areas

School of Business Administration:

  • Applied econometrics and quantitative economics
  • Industrial organization
  • Philosophy and methodology of economics
  • Business cycle theory
  • Finance
  • Competition policy
  • Higher education policy
  • Smithian political economy
  • Economics and ethics

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Psychology of culture
  • Individual and culture pathology – totalitarianism
  • Social theory
  • Linguistics and sociolinguistics
  • Cultural anthropology with a historical orientation and topical focus on ideas of nature and politics
  • Culture and art
  • Humanitarian issues
  • Epidemiological history
  • Forced labor/migration
  • Colonial history

School of Journalism

  • Journalism
  • Literature
  • American studies
  • Electronic media and art/drawing

School of Law

  • Law
  • Philosophy of law
  • Jurisprudence

School of International Relations and Diplomacy

  • European Studies
  • Comparative politics
  • Area Studies: 1. South Asian Politics; Middle Eastern Politics
  • Diplomatic history
  • History of international relations
  • Central and Eastern European History
  • Democratization
  • Regime change
  • National identity

Major Achievements in Research

AAU is proud to report notable research achievements such as: publications of books with renowned publishers such as Palgrave, or the Central European University Press, book chapters with international and domestic publishing houses such as Routledge, Peter Lang and articles in domestic as well as international journals. Our faculty also regularly presents at international conferences. AAU´s faculty has been recipient of various prestigious research grants, for instance from the Czech Science Foundation, International Visegrad Fund or the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic. For detailed information, please see our annual reports here.

Conferences and Colloquia at AAU

AAU regularly hosts Czech and international experts  as presenters at specialized colloquia, seminars and  public lectures. Among them are Ambassadors, scholars of outstanding reputation, leading  politicians and businessman .

AAU  has been organizing since 2013 every year major international conferences on International Financial Reporting Standards: Global rules & local use,  which brings together leading experts in the field from many countries.

Every year since 2004,  AAU organizes a colloquium of the series Normal/Abnormal, which with this long tradition represents a unique feature in social sciences and humanities in academic life in this country.  

In 2015,  AAU co-organized  two other major conference,  Cultural Diversity and Value Pluralism in the European and Global Politics“ and The Fourth International Conference: The European Union and the Politicization of Europe.

For more information including past years seein governance section.


The conference is organized on an annual basis with the aim to discuss current problems of the gap between international accounting rules under IFRS and local regulations, and to investigate the linked issues of accounting, finance and related topics.

The conference enables academics to meet and discuss their research intentions, and facilitates preparation of jointly co-authored publications. Furthermore, it enables delegates to get information from related fields and in this way to enhance academic standards and acquire links to other academic institutions. This can all lead to joint work on academic research projects. The purpose is to strengthen the academic community in the discipline of accounting, IFRS and research of contemporary developments in our social science.

The conference proceedings to date can be found on the following link: IFRS 

Centre for Research and Creative Activities

The Centre for Research and Creative Activities was established in 2012 as a platform for research projects and related activities. The center has successfully accomplished dozens of students projects and several corporate research projects and organized workshops and academic events. For more information go to CAR website.

Law Forum

Peer reviewed articles by students, alumni, professors and legal professionals, published by the John H. Carey II School of Law.

To register for personal electronic delivery or to submit an article for consideration you may contact the Law Forum at [email protected].

No. 7, Spring 2016 I No. 6, Spring 2015 I No. 5, Spring 2014 No. 4, Winter/Spring 2012–2013 I No. 3, December 2011 I No. 2, Sept 2010 I No. 1, Oct 2009 

AAU Working Papers

AAU Working Papers publishes in a format of monographic issues research articles by AAU faculty. Is is a peer reviewed periodical. To read the working papers please read below.