The 7th successful year of the IFRS Conference was prepared in cooperation with new co-organizing partner Metropolitan University Prague.

AAU Students Join Finance and Accounting Conference (IFRS)

By: Ben Goings

AAU students joined academics and experts this week for the 7th International Scientific Conference on “IFRS: Global Rules & Local Use – Beyond the Numbers” on October 10th and 11th at Metropolitan University in Prague. 

The conference, sponsored by the cooperation between Metropolitan University and AAU for the first time, aimed to educate and discuss the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and focused on harmonization and bridging the gap between international and local accounting rules, particularly for analyzing developing markets.

Featuring both theoretical and practical cases, the conference gave students an opportunity to gain insight into how experts in their field debate and examine contemporary research.

Topics included the future of the Eurozone, new digital banking technologies, agricultural trade in the EU and Russia,  Capital Markets in the Czech Republic, the role of IFRS in EU markets, cyclical risk assessment, legal case law in accounting, and sustainable corporate environmental responsibility.

Keynote speaker and leading theorist, Professor Emeritus David Alexander (University of Birmingham, U.K.), believes there is value for students in joining with academics outside the classroom.

“The biggest value for students is to observe academics arguing,” he says, chuckling, “because a single academic at the front of a lecture probably gives the impression that he means what he says, he knows what he’s talking about and that other people are lucky to agree with him – and probably all three of those statements are not correct…there is a lot of disagreement behind what we say…we do have different views and from discussion you get new thoughts, so I think a very great strength is just to see people discussing and arguing about some of the complex and interesting aspects of financial reporting and non-financial reporting.”

The professor-author is also optimistic about the future of such conferences. “The opportunity for making submissions and presentations on the one hand, and for coming along and learning and taking part, on the other hand – the opportunities will be increasing as the years go on.” 

What does Alexander believe students should look toward in the future? Study the philosophical nature of reality he says, for the benefit of financial study and all of academia. “I’m very interested in concepts of reality…that is a very difficult question to answer.”

Additional Keynote speakers included: Professor Anne Jeny, from the ESSEC Business School in France; Professor Lubor Lacina, from Mendel University in Brno; Eleftherios Thalassinos, Professor at the University of Piraeus, Greece; Professor Luboš Smutka, Czech University of Life Sciences; Aleš Králík, Head of Department of Capital Markets of the Ministry of Finance, Czech Republic; and Professor Jan Frait, Executive Director of Financial Stability Department at Czech National Bank.


Publication date: October 18, 2019