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Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law

The Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE Common Law) offers an alternative entry to the study of law. Students successfully completing this award are able to progress directly on to the second year of the LLB degree.

School intro
Accreditation UoL + MSMT
Degree Certificate
Duration 1 Year
Location Prague, CZ
Tuition CZK 245,000 + UoL
Intake Fall / Spring
Deadline Rolling Admission
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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Brexit transition period, AAU is awaiting approval from the Czech Ministry of Education for permission to continue operating the University of London programmes in the Czech Republic under the new post-Brexit framework. The application processing takes approximately three to five months. Until then, all law students will be registered and study as Life-Long Learning students. Upon receiving permission from the Ministry, AAU will automatically change all law students back to the Standard status and they will continue as usual. For more information, please contact admissions@aauni.edu

About the program

AAU is a Recognised Teaching Centre through the University of London. Students interested in pursuing the Certificate in Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE) must be enrolled at a Recognised Teach Centre. The CertHE is ideal for first-time university students and for those who wish to undertake legal studies at a slower pace while building a stronger foundation for their LLB courses. Students whose school-leaving education is not equivalent to British A-Level may start their legal studies with the CertHE.

“I’m studying UK law taught by professors who know my name and genuinely care about me, with students from Montenegro, Tunisia, South Africa, and so on. I’m working a legal internship with an AAU alumni that has given me incredible experience and unique opportunities. All this against the magical backdrop that is the City of a Hundred Spires. What more could I ask for?”

Hanna Ripper, Law student, musician, Student of the Year 2016

The totality of the programme is designed to support laws studies at a slower pace while developing language and writing skills and expanding intellectual development in arenas that will lay a stronger foundation for future LLB courses and graduation.

Your Degree & After

Courses at Anglo-American University are taught by highly-qualified instructors with Master’s and Doctorate degrees in law, primarily from common law jurisdictions. Furthermore, as many instructors are adjunct instructors, they also have extensive professional legal experience. Courses are led by instructors with intensive facilitated discussions with students. Furthermore, throughout the course, students have written assignments and mock examinations, in which they are provided with detailed feedback from their instructors. 

“The most exciting thing that happened to me in law school was the Moot Court. Even though it was more of a study case, it felt real and required an enormous amount of preparation, research and dedication. I spent nights and days trying to find appropriate case law and legislation to stay prepared. Thanks to this practical experience, I have learned that it is always better to settle the case before going to trial”

Iskender Mederov, Law student, Kyrgyzstan

Examinations are then administered and graded by the University of London and students sit for the examinations at the British Council in Prague. As such, the final diploma for the LLB is awarded by the University of London. 

Both AAU and UOL are able to provide information and confirmation of study regarding the programme to prospective employers, postgraduate programme applications, and application to Bar and professional legal examiners.

Program Structure

Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law is a full-time 2-year study programme. The Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law, offered as a two year programme by AAU, combines the first year of the LLB with locally designed law courses and general education.

Students that begin with the Certificate Programme and continue on to the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) are expected to complete their studies in 4 years.

At Anglo-American University, Certificate students take a total of 4 year-long UOL courses. In addition to that students take several electives from any of AAU’s offered BA programmes. Each course runs from September through May. There are 32 teaching weeks per academic year. Each class meets once per week for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Therefore, for each class, students attend 88 hours of in-class instruction per course per academic year. This does not include all time preparing readings and assignments that students must do outside of class time.

In addition to the UOL courses, certificate students take the following skill-based Law classes at AAU: Fundamentals of Legal Research Writing and Analysis, Legal English, Legal Research and Writing, Foundations of Law and World Order. Additionally students may take Moot Court, Legal Skills Development, and Cross Cultural Negotiations and Dispute Resolution as well as other electives.

For more information on the University of London Programme structure, modules and specification. 

For more information on the modular structure and the study program, please contact our admissions team at admissions@aauni.edu.

Additional information

Recognition by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports 

AAU as a branch of a European foreign higher education institution (pursuant to Act no. 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions, Part XIV,  Section 93d) fulfilled the information obligations and was registered by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports on 16 November 2017. Thus, the study of the students has been made equal to study at higher education institutions in the Czech Republic under the State Social Support Act or under the Pension Insurance Act (Students have the legal status of a student for these purposes).

Annual Reports

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AAU offers the benefit of engaging with people and their cultures from around the world in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In connection with the provided top tier education, you are offered a unique opportunity to start your career on an international level and make valued connections for your professional future.

Jan Sleis
Solicitor, Czech Republic

AAU’s Law school atmosphere is very friendly and tolerant. It allows you to study in an academic environment while having this family feeling around and you sort of feel at home.

Zina Balkis Abdelkarim
John H. Carey II School of Law, Alumni

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Carollann Braum, LL.M., J.D.

Program Chair, Mediator and Restorative Justice Facilitator​ carollann.braum@aauni.edu
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