AAU Academy Personal Advancement Course

Personal Energy Branding

How to use your personal energy to succeed in business.   

30 Years of Education
Track Personal Advancement
Instructor Martina Wojtylová Opava, MBA
Date November 25, 2021
Format One-day workshop
Delivery On-site
Price 7,500 CZK

Course Description

The world of business and marketing is changing dramatically. Due to the immense growth of social media and online shopping, people offering products and services should reconsider their business marketing strategies. The pandemic has made people around the world rethink the businesses they choose to purchase from. Today, more than ever before, buyers want to relate with suppliers’ branding. They seek much more than a quality product or service. They want to experience an alignment with the unique energy of the brand. Each one attracts different types of clients. By combining our knowledge of personal energy and using it within our branding, we start to attract the right type of customers. Those who truly can become long-term customers and supporters of our brands.  

This course is based on Martina Wojtylová’s signature concept, the Theory of 4 Energies, based on the work of Hippocrates, as well as energy management by Awaken Center led by Sophie Frabotta of Florida USA, the concept of “Power of warrior” by Mirav Tarkka, and energy work by Beverly Holt. This course includes theories, as well as practice, and will provide each participant with a unique understanding of these concepts and how to use them. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about your unique personal energy  
  • Learn how to build up (or rebuild) your personal energy brand 
  • Learn to understand your clients’ energetic needs 
  • Get personalized tips for your success  


This workshop combines lecture sessions, discussions, model exercises as well as tests. It will utilize methods of personal energy clearing, working with  your intuition, building alignment between your inner energy for how you create your outer message, visualization, working in pairs and after course self-directed study time.   

Schedule and Course Content

For a detailed course schedule and content, please download the Course Outline.


Morning Session Content (3 hours)

  • Theory of 4 energies 
  • Our personal energy type 
  • Our energetic signature 
  • Unique energy in our self-presentation 

Afternoon Session Content (3 hours)

  • Who do we attract? Our clients’ energetic needs 
  • How can we support our unique core energy? 
  • Building our personal energy brand 


Handouts will be provided at the start of class.

Lunch Break

Provided for all participants at Café des Taxis.

Your Instructor

Martina Wojtylová Opava, MBA 

Martina is an instructor of the AAU Academy, teaching a course on Personal Energy Branding. She obtained her MBA at the University of Northern Virginia, and is a proud alumna of AAU, where she obtained her BA in Politics and Social Sciences.   
Martina is also a personal and corporate Wellbeing certified coach, motivational speaker and author. She founded her coaching practice Daily Energy, where she uses energy management to help clients achieve a good work-life balance, and is also the founder of the project “Life in a suitcase”. She lives in Prague with her family, and is an avid traveler. 

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We do almost all of our projects in small international teams, and we work together like we would in a business company and synergize our different ideas. There's flexibilities to meet with teachers outside of class, and ask them questions, not just specifically things we learn in the class.

Ann Connolly
Business Administration, United States of America

AAU makes networking incredibly easy to do. I was able to participate in various events that don't necessarily connect to my coursework like conferences, literature festivals, debates, lectures, etc. When I was President of the Diplomatic Club, AAU helped me get in touch with event-organizers, which, for example, allowed us to host an event during the Festival of Democracy organized by the famous Forum 2000 conference.

Anastasia Mezenina
Business Administration, Russian Federation

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