AAU Academy LovePrague Course

Gems of Jewish Prague

Explore the history and experiences of the European Jewry in an enriching 4-day course.  

30 Years of Education
Track LovePrague
Instructor Joseph Weintraub
Date TBC
Format Four-week course
Delivery On-site / in city
Price 6,000 CZK
Language English

Course Description

This course will compare the cultural heritage, religious life, political situation, identity formation and self-understanding of Jews in Europe starting in the 9th Century through today.  Participants will examine the experiences of Jews throughout Europe: from Spain to Germany in the West to Russia, Hungary and Ukraine in the East and everything in between. 

In this broad survey, specific attention will be paid to gender and class analysis in the approach to this material. In addition, together, we will explore the complicated history of anti-Semitism as it affected Jewish life in Central Europe as well as the numerous ways Jews flourished in Central Europe as they worked with other fringe ethnic groups.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the crucial features of Jewish life from its roots to today
  • Have a deeper understanding of the significance of Jewish life on the development of Europe with a focus on Czech lands
  • Develop a sharper eye for understanding how fringe cultures are treated the same ways over time in different cultures


This is an active learning course involving dialogue, experiential learning around the city, group activities and reflection. It is an academic course led by an AAU professor, actor and director who will provide insights from his hands-on experience and research.

Schedule and Course Content

For a detailed course schedule and content, please download the Course Outline.

Session 1

From Temple to Synagogues & Absence and Presence (3 hours)

Where do we go to find answers? A close survey of Jewish and other religious architectures and their influences. We will also take a walking tour in the Old Jewish Town of Prague.

Session 2

The Story of the Jews in Czechia and Moravia (3 hours)

What is the significance of restoration? We will take a close look at the smaller villages and their synagogues across Czech Republic.

Session 3

Klezmer Music and Kosher Life and Jewish Cinema (3 hours)

Do you hear what I hear? The music of Europe is influenced by the crossover of a variety of different, but similar, fringe cultures. Cuisine also follows the same pattern. We will have a kosher meal in a restaurant in the Old Jewish Town.

Session 4

Architecture and the Synagogues of Plzen (3 hours)

Where is our destination at the end of this journey? We will take a trip to the city of Pilsen, just outside of Prague, for a tour of the Jewish sites.

Your Instructor

Joseph Weintraub, M.A.
AAU Academy Instructor, LovePrague Courses
AAU Lecturer

Mr. Weintraub has been living in Prague for several years, teaching a variety of subjects from business to politics to humanities. His academic background is in Linguistics. He also works in the film industry as a Dialogue Coach, actor, and producer.

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