Each month, come to Café Des Taxis to have a drink and discussion with your professors and other experts about important events happening in the world. Share your questions and your views, and join the long tradition of politics in the pub.

This month topic: The Americas and the Politics of Migration

One of the most visible issues in political relations among the states of North and Central America over the last two years has been migration. In the run-up to the US midterm elections, it was a point of particular focus with much talk of “the caravan.” The issue of migration and the politics and policies surrounding it is quite more complex and long-standing, however. What are the drivers for migration between Central America, Mexico, and the US? What are the relevant policies and policy changes? How has the newest hardline approach from the US affected the people on the ground? As we approach International Migrants Day, come discuss these questions and ask your own.

The lead professor will be Kateřina Březinová, Head of the Iberoamerican Studies Center and lecturer at Metropolitan University Prague.