Each month, come to Café Des Taxis to have a drink and discussion with professors and other experts about important events happening in the world. Share your questions, your views, and join the long tradition of politics in the pub.

Hong Kong has seen large regularly held protests for months, yet this island is not alone. There seem to be large protests happening frequently all over the world, from Latin America to Africa to the USA and the Middle East. Even here in Prague, this year has seen the largest protests since the Revolution in 1989 that brought down Communist rule. The protests have sparked for different reasons in different places, and have raged in democracies as well as autocracies, as well as those systems in between. Is this an “age of protest”? Is there anything common we can find across these continents and causes? Will any of the protests be successful, and would their success lead to improvements?

Come discuss these questions and ask your own. This month the lead professor will be Alexei Anisin, IRD Researcher and Lecturer on Conflict Studies.