The first meeting of professors (and students) in the pub this semester kicked off in grand style with a debate on an explosive topic: North Korean nuclear programme and the threat it presents to the United States - the debate was led by professor George Hays II our International Relations specialist.

For starters, Dr. Hays brought in some graphic material about nuclear capabilities of North Korea compared to the weapons deployed by the US in Hiroshima or Nagasaki. He also shared with us results from a “nuclear simulator” web page – of ahypothetical nuclear attack on Los Angeles – for the debaters to put things into perspective.

The discussed simulation,the “less than average” nuclear capability of North Korea compared to the US arsenal as well as the deterrence potential of nuclear weapons as such started off a lively debate among the discussants, and more variables such as the personal characters of North Korean and US leaders or comparisons to the Cold War détente were discussed. The debate got so lovely we finished an hour later than anticipated and thus kept Café des Taxis open past its opening hours.


Publication date: October 04, 2017