Each month, come to Café Des Taxis to have a drink and discussion with your professors and other experts about important events happening in the world. Share your questions and your views, and join the long tradition of politics in the pub. In October we are going to discuss the eclipse of American democracy in the Trump era.

Is American liberal democracy in trouble? Is it a recent trend or were there warning signs before? Or is President Donald Trump just the most vocal and visible embodiment of a social, economic and political change that sweeps across America today?
The lead discussant will be Steve Kashkett – former senior US diplomat, who among other things, held the post of Chargé d’Affaires/Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy here in Prague 2013–2016 and served as a senior advisor for Europe at the US Missions to the United Nations, N.Y.


This event is part of the Festival of Democracy, the associated event of the Forum 2000 Conference. #Fedem