A group of AAU students will work on real PR campaigns for Occasio Ops, an impactful organization in Prague.

Real-world experience is one of the core values of an AAU education. In Sylvia Vondráčková's Public Relations course this real-world methodology has presented a unique, but rewarding challenge for her students this semester. 


In order to create a deeper connection to course content, Professor Vondráčková took students on an excursion to visit a real business in Prague. Last week we visited the cafe Bila Vrana which employs handicapped people in the center of Prague. It is a beautiful example of a small business thriving due to microfinancing offered by Occasio ops.


Occasio ops is an organization offering short-term loans to businesses that have a true societal cause and help employ handicapped people. So this year, the Public Relations students have accepted the challenge of creating real PR campaign proposals for Occasio ops in order to create a positive impact within the community. Their mission is to create campaigns including events and communication proposals that will increase the number of loans, like the ones given to Bila Vrana, that have real meaning and results in our direct vicinity.


Once again AAU students are not only eager to gain valuable real-world experience but to work on real, impactful projects that aim at making the world a better place. AAU's exceptional School of Business Administration: Marketing and Communications Emphasis encourages students to understand marketing and communications from a social point of view, polishing their business education with a deep understanding of socio-economic, legal, historical, and cultural conditions for various business aspects.


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Publication date: October 16, 2018