Over the third weekend in March, Nový PORG and PORG Libeň hosted their fifth Model United Nations, which brought together over 350 participants from Czech Republic and abroad.

This year, AAU was happy to become a part of this young legacy as the event was hosted on campus and both AAU students and professors participated as experts. All classrooms but one were filled in restored Thurn-Taxis Palace campus with PORGMUN organizational committees and delegates.

As the first private liberal institution of higher education in the Czech Republic, AAU identifies itself as a platform and facilitator for international free thought and debate; “We should always bring education and events that serve as a remedy against ignorance, aggression and war, we were honored to partner such professionally organized event with an admirable mission as PORGMUN”- Peter Bolcha, Vice-President for Research.

The ideally-located campus helps us do so, but credit goes to the AAU Community members who participated and made it a successful part of this ongoing mission. Special thanks to Dr. Carollann Braum, who spoke at the opening ceremony and served as a guest lecturer, Dr. Massimiliano Pastore who gave a lecture about international law at the opening ceremony, Dr. Pietro Andrea Podda, and Dr. James Heller who served as guest lecturers. Additionally, thanks go to our law student Balkis Abdelkarim who served as an expert, and the AAU MUN Club who presented at the final morning session.

„When I heard about an MUN conference taking place at our very own university, there wasn't a second's doubt – our club had to be a part of it! So we got 2.5 hours on Sunday morning we could fill, and we chose to do a workshop with the Human Rights Council on the topic of „Femicide in Latin America & Caribbean“. Originally, we thought that it would be useful for the participants to get insight into a new and relevant topic, but their enthusiasm and critical thinking blew us away – we probably learned just as much from them as they did from us! That just goes to show the importance of MUN conferences – they don't just function as social gatherings, they are platforms for sharing knowledge and ideas between highly ambitious people.“ – Knut Marius Uddu Skjerve, IRD student, President of AAU Model United Nations Club, read more about him and the club here.


Publication date: March 23, 2018