AAU believes that education is a cooperative effort. Therefore, we work hard to pursue partnerships with a wide range of companies, institutions, and NGOs. Together, we support our student body, faculty, and staff via projects, research, internships, and other activities to ensure studies at AAU provide the most engaging, relevant, and real-world experience.

Partnerships help us stay in the game

Social responsibility forms the bedrock of AAU’s mission and purpose. Therefore, we cooperate with like-minded corporations, organizations, and associations on research and joint projects that reinforce ethical foundations in learners, faculty, and staff.

Work experience building future careers

AAU always looks to the future and encourages learners to do the same by enrolling in internships in partnering Czech and multinational organizations across different fields. Here, they can acquire real-world knowledge and experience beyond the classroom.

Benefits for the AAU Community

The benefits of AAU’s partnerships go two ways. Our student body, faculty, and staff receive direction, motivation, and experience to enhance the academic environment, while returning energetic, determined, and ambitious support.

Would you like to partner with us? Please contact our marketing team at zita.lara@aauni.edu.